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Well helllloooo everybody. I’m back! I’ve been cooking and dessert making and going out to some nice dinners recently! Things are still in flux in some aspects of my life and some others are starting to shape up nicely. Either way, next week I gotta get my booty to the pavement or gym and workout because of all these lavish meals! So speaking of lavish, last Friday night I dined with Joanney and Alayne and we had a really fun night on the town. Since June cookbook club was postponed to become July cookbook club, we needed to have some fancy eating girl time. This new restaurant in Canton was the perfect place to do that.


Fork & Wrench, just from the name it sounds all industrial and cool right? They tote that it has a mix of college science lab and pharmacy too, which makes it right up my chemistry loving alley.We had outstanding dishes that night… go for the jump to see em.

Joanney is looking mighty cute in this picture right? The restaurant has a nice corner lot and for some reason we thought it would be okay to walk the 15 minutes in the 100 degree heat to the restaurant. What were we thinking?? :D


So we started off with a shrimp ceviche. Super fresh latino flavors going on in this one, lemon, lime, cilantro and red onion and the nice crisp buttery toasts were perfect to eat with.


And because my garrulous friend over here mentioned that we were bloggers, this next dish might have been dropped off! It was the quinoa salad and whoa was it delicious. Wilted spinach, feta cheese, bits of asparagus, basil and mint and a smooth lemony flavor really made the whole thing sing. I could eat that alllll day.


Then it was time for entrees. After much much debate, I went with what I originally came round wanting, the fish! It was grouper with asparagus,  a farro and fennel base, and black garlic buerre blanc sauce. That sauce was kinda sweet and very flavorful, it was awesome.


Next up was Laynie’s hanger steak, served with gouda-princess potatoes, swiss chard and a chipotle demi sauce. The meat was so tender and flavorful, the potatoes were decadent but the swiss chard was over salted. It was still a win though for the $14 price point.


Lastly was the star of the show, the duck breast. It came with a mushroom farro risotto, brown butter parsnips, pea tendrils and a duck jus. Cooked very nicely, tender meat but a crispy skin.


And because we were already living large, we went for dessert too! I got the creme brulee! Strawberry creme brulee! Gosh I love that stuff. I think it had been a year since I had it! The strawberry flavor was a little strange to me (I think I’m used to just vanilla) but it was very good.


Laynie got the strawberry tart. Really good crust and the filling was perfect too.


Joanney topped off the night with a cafe au lait.   What a cool restaurant. Nice waiters, nice young and hip ambiance, really well executed food. AND, all those dishes and a bottle of rose totaled out to be $100 (without tip). For three of us! I was amazed.

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  1. So we went back on Monday night with the parents and while the restaurant was still good, there were more hit and misses this time. The duck was a disappointment as first it came overcooked, then sent back and it came back undercooked. The farro with shitakes was still delicious though. The white bean “pot” was tasteless and under salted but the mushroom appetizer was wonderful. I got the mussels and fries this time and the mussels were quite tasty, the fries were a bit too salty and there was no bread to sop up all that beautiful juice. Ev got the scallops and was quite happy with them and Papa got the duck pie which turned out to be a vol au vent with duck gravy in it. They liked it, I don’t like puff pastry so I’m glad I passed on that one. The service was still outstanding even though I didn’t self-identify this time as a blogger. I could go back :-)

  2. Thanks for the review, this place is on my list to try soon!

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