Sammiches for the Runner

August 29, 2011 at 9:55 am | Posted in Lunch | Leave a comment

So the morning after the race, I was pretty darn hungry. I proceeded to eat a slice of that pie and then somehow whizzed around my house cleaning for an hour! I had heard good things about this deli, CrabApples, in downtown Frederick and so I met up with my new favorite Frederick dweller and had a sweet lunch outside.


That night I met up with Bethany’s family for dinner at the Orchard again! Her sister, Emily, used to come to Frederick for court cases for work a couple times a month and so she used to frequent Crabapples alot. That is until the owner got very “crabby” about them hanging out at their table for too long… So we didn’t get any attitude that day, and I my inquiry to take pictures was well received behind the counter, so all was well that Saturday. Go for the jump to see more pictures!

Slightly blurry sandwich display…. and pretty creative sandwich names…


I went uptown and Mike went midtown…


Classic deli display… lots of salads and sides..


Big bag of tasty chips. Mmmm bbq flavor.


Here’s my Cuban Turkey Club. Spicy turkey and good cheese made me like this sandwich. I kinda wish the bread had been more exciting, but it was good bread, so maybe I should stop complaining??


Mike got the Bullfeathers sandwich. From the picture below, it appears to be a pretty boring sandwich. But I think the buffalo seasoning on the chicken and ranch dressing smeared on the bread make it pretty tasty!


And he gave me his extra pickle. How sweet. :P


Love me some pickles! Ha. And like me some crabapples. I definitely feel like this place is a good classic deli for all you Frederick dwellers. But I think I need to try more of the sandwiches to really feel the love for this place. But it was a perfect way to refuel my body after that strenuous hour of exercise earlier in the morning!

Crabapples Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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