Frederick Restaurant Week 2011 at Cacique

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Happy St Patrick’s Day Friends!!! (And happy 100,000 hits to me!!) I know this post clearly has nothing to do with being Irish, etc… So let me try to make that connection… Based on my love for Guinness and the fact that my aunt Martha said I looked very much like girls in Ireland when she went there like 10 years ago and the fact that my dad is adopted, I truly think I have Irish heritage. The other part of my heritage is Mexican, so because that, this post totally makes sense (as long as we are speaking about my heritage!)

When I heard there was a restaurant week coming up in Frederick, I went searching high and low on the restaurant list. It turns out I have been to nine on the list! So I remembered that Jenn, my roomate, really loves Cacique and I had not been there before, so there we went! The food was much better than I expected… maybe it was the cheesy sign that turned me off before?? Who knows, but once again I am reminded to not judge a book by its cover.


I am so glad I had such lovely dinner dates – Jenn, Michelle and Laura! They were totally gracious about me picking the table (this one had really good light) and letting me snap their food before they chowed down! I love the Dorsch family!! So now go check out the awesome food shots I got, probably one of the best for a restaurant at night.

They started us off with chips and salsa. This salsa tasted very fresh and had some good flavor (not a one note kind of deal).


And we got a pitcher of sangria. Not the best sangria I have ever had (maybe a little too sweet??) but it went perfectly for the fun dinner we had.


Then came our appetizers, two of the ladies got the asparagus soup. I tasted one spoonful, it was very fresh and not too heavy. Perfect for a between winter/spring soup.


Jenn got the guacamole – we all loved it. That extra bit of cheese on top made it extra good too! But seriously, how can you make guacamole wrong? Some avocado, onion, garlic… bam!


I got the tamale with sour cream. The plating of this dish was clearly odd, much because it caused us to laugh profusely for a couple of minutes… ahaha.. oh immature jokes…. The tamale tasted like creamy cormeal dough, but the sour cream didn’t do it for me. I guess I wanted something sweeter?? or maybe a vegetable/salsa garnish?


Then we got to the entrees. The ladies all ordered the salmon and they LOVED IT. I mean do you see this picture?? Creamy sauce with capers and the salmon was cooked nicely too. When I order at a restaurant I like to pick things I wouldn’t typically make for myself at home, but I clearly should have ordered that salmon!


I chose the Lomo Saltado – ‘Fresh tender tails of filet mignon sauteed in olive oil with fresh red onions, tomatoes, and peppers sliced, garlic, cilantro in a rich Peruvian sauce.’ I loved the decadent beef slices and the tomatoes and peppers, but the onions! ah! Way too many for this plate. (Maybe I’m just picky though!) The sauce had good flavor and was not overwhelming and not too rich tasting either.


This mini plate came as a side to all of our dishes – rice and beans. Quite the cute plating, but it was alot of food!


Then it was time for dessert and boy was it a memorable one. Michelle got the flan and although sometimes the texture of flan is too eggy for me, the texture of this flan was so smooth and delicious. I took one bite and wished I could have taken more! It was outstanding.


The rest of us ordered the tres leches cake. The cake was perfectly soggy and the whipped cream topping tasted so good. This piece of dessert will now be the last one I eat for several weeks (its been a week now, we went to dinner last Wednesday!!) I have given up sweets for Lent (even though I might cheat for the french laundry cookbook club coming up and a baby shower in the works) it has really been enlightening to me. I think about sweets all the darn time! (And it seems to be working well with my diet too, I’m up to 7 pounds weight loss!)


Anyhoo, the service we received at Cacique was really good too. The food had a lot of good flavor and it was presented well. I will definitely be coming back… even if just for dessert!

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