Loving on the LT Burger

February 11, 2011 at 8:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 5 Comments

I only say loving on, because, well, some of our food was R-rated. Jigga what???
Well first off, we were wandering about Sag Harbor and were trying to decide between two places, LT Burger won out, because Bossy Bissy just wanted something hip. And hip we got! LT Burger was more hip and delicious than I ever expected! Delicious meat, very tasty milkshakes and a really cool space. What more could you ask?


Go for the jump now!

They sell hamburgers here, crazy I know.


Love the typeface used on the website and menu.


To a whale of a dad, I mean yeah its a whale on a wall!

Really neat wrap around bar. I love the fans encased in the wire too! And the ceiling and the white tile everywhere. Its very old school.


So we started off with fried pickles. Always gotta get the fried pickles. These were not my favorite. The ratio of batter to pickle was weighing heavy on the batter side and it kinda tasted like tempura! I mean, I ate two, but I have had better. The creamy spicy dipping sauce was real good though.


Then we got to the drinks. I really should save this for the best for last. But it actually did last through my whole meal! Because it was so decadent it was so delicious I took little sips. And what was it named, you ask? The Fluffer. (you may proceed to snicker, its okay, we all did!)


Vanilla ice cream with roasted bits of marshmallow throughout and a big ol roasted one on top! Best milkshake I have had in forever.


Then we got to our meals. These were Erica’s fries. Very nice presentation and they were perfectly sized, not too matchstick but not too big also.


Erica got the salmon burger. It wasn’t much of a “burger” rather a salmon sandwich! And actually, it was really lacking in flavor. I had one bite and think it could have used some more seasoning before it was cooked.


Nicole got the veggie falafel with spices and hummus. She looooved it. The bun was really tasty too, all multrigrain and all!


Jana went southern and got the pulled pork sandwich. She liked it, not the best one shes ever had.. I probably should have tasted it too, to give my experienced palate a try! Onion rings on pulled pork?? Whatever! So Jana is pregnant and she gobbled it right up! Jana also got the oreo milkshake and did not finish it! My what willpower she has.


This was Howie’s burger. It had another interesting name. wait for it……. The three way! I think because it had three patties and lots of cheese. He loved it.

And my burger?? Well I got the Mecox cheddar cheeseburger with a nice pepper crust on the meat. I was too distracted by taking the other four shots that I totally neglected my own meal! It looked tasty and so I dug in! The pepper crust really added alot of flavor to the burger, the meat was juicy and had a good flavor itself. I would totally order it again!

So all in all, this place really knows how to do a burger joint, old school. They have very inventive takes on the classics and do everything pretty well!

As I walked out of the restaurant I noticed a slew of signatures on the wall next to the hostess stand. And whose did I spot immediately?? Ina Garten!!! I was so excited and kinda embarrased to have the hostess watch me take a picture of signatures, that I did not. It was a definitely a cool end to our meal!

LT Burger on Urbanspoon

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  1. OK, I’m like, please tell me someone got a beef burger! Way to represent, you and Howie. Veggies and salmon… pffff.

    I am jealous of your trip to LI- I need a trip!

    • HAHA. yeah representin.

      Come home and we can go and frolick around Frederick!!!

  2. That falafel burger looks amazing. Why do I always read the food blogs early in the morning??

    • because its the best way to start the day! I <3 my blogs and tea

  3. How could you forget to take o picture of your own meal. It’s what I was most looking for. But Howie’s burger looked the best in my opinion. And I love the fries, I could almost taste them. And that milkshake….hmm…yum! thanks for sharing.

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