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Two weeks ago was one continual birthday celebrations eating fest! Go back a couple posts to see the whole eating schema… But I wanted to dress up for a date with my darling boyfriend and so I thought about the other fancy restaurants in Frederick (other than my beloved Volt.) I thought about the new restaurant in town Olives, but something drew me over to Tasting Room. Probably because their menu listed in the window on the sidewalk has tempted Ned and I to peruse many times. (But us being cheap and lazy, always seemed to go to Black Hog!). So Tasting Room it was and we were not dissapointed. The waiter was very fun and we had a nice bottle of French white to go with our appetizers and entrees. The restaurant surprised me with a dessert at the end and even though I was going to abstain from that course at the restaurant (a dessert surprise was waiting for me at home you see) I dived right in! Go for the jump and check out some pictures!


I love the window architecture of this restaurant. When inside, it really makes you feel like you are a part of the hub bub going on outside. That picture above looks pretty dark, but trust me that the entire wall structure is made of windows!

Another set of window walls are displayed in the entrance. This one had a quote of the definition of wine. There are other quotes describing bread and cheese on the restaurant/bar separation divider windows. Very interesting way to decorate (and very educational!)


For the start of the meal the waiter brought fresh french bread and some interesting decorated butter. The red decoration you see below is paprika! The TR letters are splattered all over this place! I also noticed them on the cuffs of the long sleeved shirts the waiters were wearing.


Because a couple of years ago I traveled to the Loire Valley with my buddies Jana and Jessica, I always want to get a bottle of white from the same region. So I chose the Vouvray, Charles Bove, 07. Pretty good if I do say so myself, a hint of floweryness and very crisp.

Ned ordered the pate for his appetizer and it was AWESOME. ‘COUNTRY PATE – veal, pork, pistachio nuts, meaux mustard, garnitures.’  Sometimes I get scared of pate’s because I think they are going to taste gamey, but this one was not at all gamey or sweetbready. I loved the spicy mustard and the toasts that came with it too!


I ordered the, wait for it, GAZPACHO!  ‘chilled tomato soup, cumin spiked crème fraiche, cilantro oil.’ Until summer is finally over and as long as restaurants put it on the menu I will try it. It’s very interesting to see which versions I like and how each chef makes it their own. This one was pretty good. Actually pretty spicy, but the nice creme fraiche in the middle of the soup cut the spiciness so that was a nice addition. A little too spicy for my taste but the texture was great and the flavor was just what I was looking for. Unfortunately for them, I still like the Orchard version better!


Next up was Ned’s entree, the ‘DOUBLE CUT “DUROC” PORK RIB CHOP – spicy corn cake, mango/chili reduction, fresh asparagus.’ He could not decide between the pork chop and the veal chop so the waiter suggested he try the pork chop. Ned kind of wished he ordered the veal chop… This portion was huge! And I think the meat was a little dried out. But he liked the side dishes and the plate was basically clean at the end of the meal, so I would say it was a good choice.


I came to the restaurant wanting the rockfish entree, but they were out of rockfish and so they prepared some swordfish in the same manner! ‘PAN-ROASTED LOCAL swordfish – olive oil poached tomatoes, asparagus/crab salad, truffle vinaigrette.’ I loveeeeed the crab and asparagus salad that topped it and the broth was just heavenly. The potatoes kind of bogged my stomach down, but the tomatoes were so tasty in the sauce. I couldn’t really taste the truffle in the sauce, but that was no matter, because it was so flavorful. I would definitely order this again if we ever go back!


So when the maitre d was filling up my wine glass with the remains of our bottle, he stopped short. I said “keep going! it’s my birthday why not!” So he took that little note of info and ran with it. Also as a sidenote, Ned and I walked here so no fears about driving under the influence. Gosh I love living so close to town!!!


So here was my first dessert of the night that I shared with Neddy, a flourless chocolate cake with a creme anglaise. You see this picture was taken after a couple of bites! I was so excited to see a surprise dessert that I forgot to take a picture! ha!


But the real sweet finale of the evening was the homemade strawberry shortcakes that my roomate made for the three of us. I don’t remember ever telling her that that is my favorite dessert, but somehow she remembered/knew! Wonderfully delicious and so many strawberries!

All in all, the tasting room was all I had hoped. Great service, good wine, very tasty food and a pretty snazzy ambiance. I actually felt more comfortable in that restaurant than Volt. It was the perfect way to spend the night before my birthday!

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  1. Elizabeth, The Mistah and I went to Black Hog last Friday night. It was all that and a bag of chips…although I would would liked the sides to have been a little bigger.

    We probably walked right past the Tasting Room as we strolled around downtown after dinner.

    • you did???? Did you get to see the light the creek festival too? I was baking all night, and was too lazy to walk over there! I am so glad that you liked Black Hog. Yeah the portion sizes for the sides are definitely controlled, which is good for your waist, but not if you are seriously craving some mac and cheese or whatever! Next time just order a side a la carte!

  2. Oh yes, we saw all the activity going on at the waterfront. So I’m guessing it’s not like that every Friday night?

    Next time, I’m going to have to order some cornbread because I was only able to grab a tiny corner of Jay’s. I had the pulled pork sammy and Jay had the Carolina style platter. Good stuff.

  3. Mmmmm love the Tasting Room. Will you be around for brunch Sunday?

    • unfortunately no stephanie! I’ll be in chicago this weekend for my friend’s baby shower! I am going to make a coffee cake for you guys to enjoy though :-)

  4. Looks lovely!

  5. this is where my sister is going for her bday dinner! :)

    • Yum!! It should be good!

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