1st Blogged Meal in Frederick: NOLA!

July 30, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 4 Comments

So excuse these bluuurrry pictures, apparently most of the time I don’t know how to use my camera correctly…. :-P But I do know how to find a good place to eat in Frederick and so Cafe Nola was that place!Β  Actually this was the third place I went out to eat in Frederick once I moved (Brewer’s Alley and Il Forno Pizzeria before that which were very tasty) and I would say its the “coolest” out of the three. Laurita and I got a nice cocktail, listened to some jazz music and were just so thrilled we had an awesome place to be able to walk to to eat dinner.


The walk home was not so favorable, because it was downpouring, but nevertheless it was still fun! Thank gosh the nice waitress at Nola gave me some nice compostable plastic bags to double tie my nice camera up in for our run through the rain! Now go check out the inside and some grub.


Apaprently, Nola has a great coffee bar (thanks for the tip Joanne!), but the other kind of bar has a very colorful assortment of infused vodka in huge glass iced tea containers. The dining area has some random and funny subtle decorations. This place definitely has character and I loved that we had live music (Tuesdays!) to relax with.


Here was our menus and simple tap water with some cucumber slices to give it a nice fresh flavor. I loved that.

Laurita got the orange crush: ‘Nola’s delicious orange rum infusion, tall glass, sugar rim, half an orange squeezed in and topped with tonic.’ She was very slow about drinking it, might not have been sweet enough for her. But like the good sister I am, helped her finish it after we finished our dinner!


I got a strawberry margarita. And I have never had such a flavored margarita, and you wanna guess what my opinion was?? FAVORABLE!!!! I loved that darn drink soooo. mucccch. Subtle strawberry, very tangy from the lime, just overall refreshing and deeelish.

So Laurita and I were very daring for our dinner choices, as we picked the same thing! It was the ‘Gorgonzola Burger- Local Grass-fed Beef Burger topped with Roasted Squash, Grilled Onions, and Gorgonzola Cheese.’ I loved that they used local, fresh and different ingredients for a burger. I wish the patty had been a bit bigger, but the toppings were very tasty. Sweet potato fries came with it, and they were a bit over baked for my taste, but I still ate them happily.


So that about sums up our meal! It’s a super cool place and they have very decent fresh and local fare. Kinda reminds me of One World near Hopkins homewood campus but its a little more newly renovated! Go check it out if you want a coffee and tasty bite to eat!

Cafe Nola on Urbanspoon

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  1. Frederick suits you, Elizabeth :) So glad you’re having a sweet time settling in. All the best!

    • Thanks Tracy you are totally right!

  2. Elizabeth, glad you are settling in and finding some new favorites in Frederick.

    • Thanks Wendi. I really appreciate the well wishes :-D

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