Quick Jam – Strawberry Style

May 28, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dessert | 12 Comments

So, somehow you might have guessed that I like strawberries. I know…somehow… Well right now is prime strawberry season in Baltimore and that makes me a very happy girl. I was reading this post by Cheri and got very excited that I could make a pure confection with my juicy babies from the farmer’s market. So this past Sunday I bought three quarts for $12 (the best deal there!) from the farm that sits right next to Uptown Baker’s! And this is what I got:


not a bad result, eh?? I wonder if tastespotting will accept this picture… let’s wait and see!!

oh and while writing this post, Ned turned on Ratatouille on the Disney channel and so I started fake crying with an overwhelmed emotion thing going on and said – “I’m writing about strawberries and watching a movie about Paris (whimper whimper) – I’m going to spontaneously combust!” Okay so maybe I’m trying to be tooo funny by writing my weird exclamations, so just quick go and look at some pretty strawberry pictures to rid your brain of my written insanity…


Here were my strawberry tops. It’s amazing that even strawberry tops can be beautiful.


There’s two cups of strawberries, I cut up enough to fill up four of those!


And into the food processor they went, to get nice and macerated.


Then I boiled them for 10 minutes on the stove with some vanilla laden sugar (1 cup for 8 cups of strawberries) and 4 tbsp of lemon juice (should have used the real stuff, but the bottled crap was all I got.) This is the concoction cooling, waiting to go into my Bonne Maman cups. Oh how I love those containers.


swirly goodness. Probably not the best jam I ever had, but very tart and fresh!

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  1. I love making strawberry jam. It only lasts about a week at my house.

    • cause its so delicious!!!

  2. I ordered my canner (I’m waiting for the UPS man to bring it today!) and I ready to make some strawberry jam this weekend!

    • sweet! can’t wait to see your product!

  3. Ha, I knew this was coming, because I saw it in your Flickr feed! :) That jam looks so smooth and delicious. I am very jealous that you have strawberries in your area, and now you just need to can that jam so you can have the taste fresh strawberries all year! I love freezer jam the best, actually.

    • yeaaah for flickr feeds. :-) Goddamn it Maine why don’t you have strawberries for KT yet???? grrrrr.

      now about that canning thing, I really wish you could teach me!! ahhhhhh

      but why freezer jam the best?? does it really have a fresher flavor?

      • it really does taste fresher, because you don’t cook it for as long. and it’s really easy for a beginner, since you don’t have to can it! its sooooooo good. and i can teach you to can some time!

  4. You like strawberries? I wonder how you feel about Paris. :-)

    Good for you for making jam. I’ll bet it’s wonderful.

  5. I am going to buy extra strawberries at the market next weekend just to make this jam! Great pictures!

  6. Wow, these strawberries look so fresh! I would love to spread some of this jam over crispy wheat toast!! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Since the whole water-processing part still scares me, this is the perfect jam for me. Plus, I love how the real taste of the berries sings through.

  8. [...] is the strawberry jam that has been sitting in my freezer for nearly two years! Go here to see the recipe for [...]

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