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Vivacious, isn’t that just one of the most flaming words in our language?? Well yes it is, and to me it defines something that is beautiful and full of life. Well, Volt surely was that! Ned and I were in town last Saturday for our buddies Stephanie and Rich’s wedding on Friday night and so we stayed over in Frederick (minutes away from my new work!) and went and walked around town on Saturday morning. I had made reservations like 3 months ago, but they somehow got lost and wonderful Volt was still able to seat us for lunch!   


Ned and I had the most lovely lunch we have had in a long time. The service was amazing and the food was even better, really reminded us of being back at Alinea with how sublime everything was. So take a minute and go see our tasty lunch – it was really a wonderful way to be welcomed to town. We CANNOT wait to go back there all the time once I officially live in Frederick! 


Here is the view from my seat in the front dining room. The lighting was so nice in this room! Helped my pictures turn out great! (although I’m still trying to figure out exposure and such with my D70 beaut…) Bryan chose brown and white for the coloring for his restaurant (with all the waiters and chefs wearing his classic brown Chucks) and it really gives the place a clean feel, but it makes it feel more casual than say a black and white themed place.  


 Shortly after we were seated, here came some carbs! Here was the little butter dish. It amused me, so I took a picture of course.   


 And the breadsticks were also delightful. Handmade and with a flavor of fennel (that somehow came to my tastebuds at the end of eating each one…).   


 Here was Ned’s appetizer. Oh yeah so we got the prix fixe (three courses for $25 – not bad for lunch!). Well Ned ordered this dish and so the prix fixe went up cause this was one of the add-on dishes you could get, and well, it was worth it! It was comprised of ‘yellowfin tuna tartare avocado, yuzu vinaigrette, chili oil, red shiso, soy air, sesame lavash.’  He said the fish was so airy and delicate tasting. I was so busy with my dish I didn’t take a bite. The foam was soy and was pretty flavorful, but was offset by the yuzu vinaigrette which tasted amazing. Beautiful too?   


 I got the ‘cherry glen farms goat cheese ravioli, maitake mushrooms, sage brown butter.’ I don’t remember the last time I had hen of the woods…The mushrooms are not my favorite variety, but  ohhh the ravioli. They were filled with goat cheese and that was some good local goat cheese, so creamy and delicate. The brown butter sauce was nice, cause uh its brown butter and lastly the air was sage! Not too great of a picture but oh so tasty.  


  Here was my roll that I savored very slowly. A french style with sea salt on top. Can you see the salt? Damn good salt!


 Here was Ned’s entree. A chicken dish with homemade pasta and mushrooms?  (Ned will have to clear this up for me..) I tasted it and it was like grandma’s cooking to me.  


 Here was my entree- pork tenderloin atop black eyed peas, lima beans, cipollini onions, sunchoke purree and fiddleheads! FIDDLEHEADS I TELL YOU! Why am I so obsessed with fiddleheads?? Well on a walk I took with Ned near the gunpowder last month, we were searching for morels (didn’t find any of those) but we did see tonnnnns of fiddleheads. They are so funny looking and pretty funny to keep repeating as you walk along and spot them. Man I love this picture too. The pork was sooo freaking good (Ned tells me it was cause of the salt, I’m all about the salt these days) because of the crust and glaze. I loved how he used really in season vegetables too.  


Now on to dessert! This was Ned’s coconut, marshmallow and pineapple masterpiece (that jerk ordering coconut so I wouldn’t try it!). I did not try the coconut portions of course, but those little drops of orange I tried with some of the marshmallow were the most flavorful little bites of pineapple I have ever encountered. Blew my tastebuds away!  


Lastly was chocolate bliss. It was comprised of ‘textures of chocolate milk chocolate ice cream, raw organic cocoa, white chocolate mousse, chocolate caramel.’ This reminded me of our 23rd course at Alinea, but this was better! The chocolate log was so creamy and delicious. And the ice cream and powdery stuff went so well. And the caramel? yeahhh. I don’t think I can accurately how delicious this was, cause damn well its good chocolate all around!  


And to end off our meal and ensure that I could drive back to Baltimore without falling asleep with a food coma, we got espresso. And they had brown sugar cubes for me and I died of happiness. Very good espresso. Very good meal. Please go if you have the chance. You won’t be dissapointed.


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  1. This looks so good. We’ve been meaning to make reservations to try Volt for a while, but it just seems like we can’t get our calendars in order to make one! You’ve inspired me though, so I’m going to try again!

  2. I am also obsessed with fiddleheads! SO CUTE! Looks like an amazing lunch!

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