My new favorite place to get Baked

November 12, 2009 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dessert, Travels | 8 Comments

This stop resulted in my favorite hour that we spent in Charleston that Sunday, well maybe this and the 20 minutes we spent in a graveyard actually watching a real life ghost that caused my blood pressure to soar (boy do I sound like an old lady…)!! We went on a tour sponsored by these folks and boy did we get our money’s worth… and in addition to getting our money’s worth getting scared sh*tless, the confections and coffee we enjoyed at Baked reigned supreme and I would gladly spend 10 dollars here every day for the rest of my life!

The owners were actually hanging out in their store that day. I spoke to the guy behind the counter on our second round of ordering espresso and he said they were here shooting for their next cookbook during the day! I know what’s on my christmas list!! The decor was so manly but very chic all at the same time and the brownie with ice cream I ordered was just to die for. Check it out!

Look at the awesome tiling behind the counter and all of those beautiful glass jars! I can’t wait to have a real kitchen with space so I can use those all over!

Here was my single shot of espresso (Ned ordered a double) as we were sorely tired from the weekend of wedding partying!! But this espresso and the dessert picked us up nicely. And of course I used sugar in the raw, its my favorite thing to have with coffee, that or actual brown sugar cubes!

And drum roll please…. bumbrbrbrbrbrbr, here is the best brownie I have ever had in my life. And it was paired with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream! It was the sweet and salty chocolate brownie infused with caramel and fleur de sel! How can it literally get any better? I can’t actually! So the brownie was so fudgy and so chocolatey and the wonderful caramel and salty flavors just brought it to a new level.

Here is a jar of vanilla marshmallows (what I know you can’t read!) and I tried one with Ned’s second espresso and they were much more chewy that store bought ones. I have yet to make these at home by myself, maybe for christmas gifts I will?

The rest of these pictures were just tasty looking things I wish I could have eaten in that visit.. Those are some moist and huge lookin cookies!

Here is their award winning cake, I bet it tastes just as good as the brownie!

And some fun jelly beans.. I actually wonder if these are sold…

Lastly, here is a sign for the coffee supplier that they use. It was high quality coffee from what I could tell, but that is coming from the girl who drinks it 5 times a YEAR, cause my internal hyperness is usually enough to get me going!

Love this place, love it. Love the chic hipster vibe with amazing sweets to boot. Go now!

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  1. Oh you must try making your own marshmallows. They are so far superior to the store-bought kind, and as long as you have a stand mixer, they are super easy! I mean, I was able to do it!

  2. How I love little shops where I can sit down with a nice cappuccino and something freshly baked. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

  3. Don’t wait for Christmas to get the Baked cookbook–hop onto to amazon and buy it for yourself today! People have gone crazy over every single thing I’ve ever made from that cookbook. It’s all amazingly good–I’ve made their chocolate chip cookies so many times now, I think I’ve memorized the recipe!

    • oh thats fantastic!! I can wait for christmas, i think….

      so excited to meet you tomorrow!

      • the only thing about Baked is you can’t be scared of butter–but as a Julia Child fan, I know you can’t be scared ;-)

        I can’t wait to meet everyone tonight–it should be fun!

  4. I have made the sweet salty cake many times!! It is worth the work! I love their brownies too!!

  5. I want to hear more about the ghost!

  6. I went to the one in NYC and was not impressed. Looks like this one was much much better!

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