Sabor con mis abuelitos

June 22, 2009 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

The last night at my two week long stay at Grandma’s house- we decided it would be enjoyable to go and have a nice little feast on the town at Sabor! Well the town wasn’t too far away… actually like 300 feet away! We didn’t walk though, since walking isn’t necessarily my strong point right now in time.

This restaurant continues to impress and delight my grandparents every time they visit and it definitely impressed me! I can’t wait to go back with Ned sometime soon. Check out our dishes below…

Along with some fresh ciabatta bread, they served us a ramekin of fresh potato chips. After one bite I was in flavor heaven- they used some truffle oil! A waiter walked by and I quickly asked- “Are these truffled?” I was right and my grandparents were so impressed, which amused me. My foodie knowledge has come a longggg way in the past year or two!

Next, we each got a salad, grandma and grandpa got the Arugula salad- ‘with pine nuts, roasted red peppers, shaved red onions, avocado, and goat cheese crisp tossed in citrus vinaigrette.’ Grandma actually professed that this was the best salad she had ever eaten! Although you can’t see from the picture, it was quite a masterpiece of ingredients and flavors! The dressing was quite tangy and the perfect compliment to all of the components and inside the greens was a piece of delectable fried goat cheese (grandma’s absolute favorite!)

I got the blood orange salad and was delighted! It came ‘with fennel, mâche, Syrian cheese, basil chiffonade house vinaigrette.’ The light and bright tasting fresh basil and fennel shavings against the delicious cheese was so interesting! I loved the delicious orange segments, it amazes me how easy and nice it is to eat supremed oranges.

So grandma got the Pork Roulade with herbed spaetzle, house demi, but neglected to wait for me to do up some photography while I went to the loo! Silly abuelita. She absolutely loved it. The pork was stuffed with chorizo and although she couldn’t necessarily taste the chorizo the filling had great flavor. The spaetzle was also an interesting and creative foil to the entree. I had never encountered spaetzle until I went to WD-50 recently and the fact that the chef included this sort of side is definitely a nod to his fantastic culinary abilities! Somehow she was able to save half of it for the next day (in order to order a whole slice of cake for dessert!).

Abuelo got the Pescado Frito con Tostones. It’s very funny because abuelita grew up in Mazatlán, Mexico, which happens to be right next to the coast and for some reason, the abundance of fresh fish never actually instilled a love for it in her. (Grandpa met her there when he was playing minor league baseball and they later settled here in B-more when grandpa signed with the Orioles!) Anyways, she loathes the way fish “stinks” up the kitchen and so the only time poor abuelo can eat pescado is when he is out! So of course he picked the fish special of the night. He devoured it. It came with an assortment of fresh vegetables, which included spaghetti squash- something I need t incorporate into my cooking pronto!

I got pan roasted salmon with ‘fava bean fennel risotto, tender leek-shrimp consommè.’ I was a little hesitant to order this, since I have salmon (albeit frozen) about once a week at home and I always say when I go out to eat that I should order something that I can’t make at home! But the fava bean fennel risotto sounded so intriguing! So yeah ummm, that consommè, WOW! I’m sure if I pulled the French Laundry cookbook out more I could perfect that kind of sauce, but yeah it was insanely delicious! The fava beans used were huge, much bigger than the ones I had gotten from Wegman’s. I loved the fresh baby carrots and slices of fennel on top.

So now onto dessert!!! Of course, abuelita got the Tres Leches Cake, as she has gotten before and she ate that right up! I have a serious aversion to soggy cake, but I’m thinking this wasn’t that soggy. I would say that this is their specialty and from grandma’s opinion, they excel!

Abuelo went seasonal and got the fruit crostada. This combines two of his favorite things in the world- ice cream and sugar! Having rhubarb and strawberries was just extra!

I chose Bubsy’s Orange Cake and was delighted! The incorporation of orange essence into these cakes was outstanding! Crispy and moist, these babies melted into my mouth. Ice cream would have been nice, but the whipped cream was good enough!

Sabor is a fantastic little gem in the nothern suburbs of Baltimore. You lucky suburbanites! (oh wait…I’m a suburbanite… :? :-D) The decor of the restaurant really transports you into a warm, yet refined steakhouse kind of setting, you really don’t remember the fact that you are in a strip mall! Grandma likes to call the Mays Chapel shopping center a village, because it does have everything one would need right there! And lucky for Mays Chapel they have a fantastic restaurant right at their doorsteps.

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  1. how nice to go out for such a nice dinner with your grandparents! that all sounds so yummy, especially your grandpa’s fish!

    • I know! I love them so much!

  2. Honestly that food looks a little boring…

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