NYC Memorial Day Brunch at Penelope

June 1, 2009 at 4:32 pm | Posted in Brunch, Travels | 7 Comments

Hello?? Anyone out there in the cybersphere!? So I’m not dead! I actually have a new bionic ACL- thank you Dr.Detterline. So the weekend before the knee extravaganza went down I joined Ned on a trip to NYC for a fabulous wedding that he was in. On our last morning there we joined our friends for a nice brunch at Penelope- which, by the way, is a charming girly farmhouse-esque delicious breakfast spot.

Ned had some eggs and of course I had to choose the french toast (nutella stuffed- yummmm) and we toasted to the whole amazing weekend with some delectable mimosas. Check it out below!

We got the prix fixe, which came with rose mimosas… ahh hair of the dog- so delightful. :-D

Ned was not particularly impressed with his Sam I am choice. ‘Two farm fresh eggs scrambled with grilled asparagus and crumbled feta cheese; served with toast and homemade french fries.’ He ate the whole thing, but I think we was hoping for a bit more asparagus and overall flavor?

But lucky for me (and Christina too!) we chose the Nutella french toast and could not have been happier. ‘Three slices of french toast filled with warm chocolate hazelnut filling, dusted with powdered sugar; served with a side of fresh fruit.’ You can’t see the nutella from my picture but they chose the most tasty bread, nice and crusty and sliced open a slit in the side to stuff lovely hazelnut amazingness.

If we ever go back, and we probably will because this place is a very short walk from our friend Matthew’s apartment, I will definitely get the french toast. The wait was a bit long (a full hour??) but it was Memorial Day so we stuck with it! Please check it out if you need some tasty food to fill your tum-tum before a fun day in NYC.

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  1. Yum! So glad to hear you’re on the way to recovery!

  2. I LOVE Penelope. I used to work right near there so it was a frequent destination for me. Whoever suggested you go there has good taste :)

  3. Any breakfast spot called Penelope can’t be disappointing, can it?

  4. I love NY brunch always a good deal and good food.

  5. MMMMM…it all looks so tasty & appetizing! Yummie!

  6. Love the Mimosa & rose picture, looks so relaxing….I love going out for breakfast! -Chris Ann

  7. Glad to hear you and your new bionic knee are doing well. Nutella french toast sounds sinfully good!

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