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April 30, 2009 at 6:21 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

Last Friday night Ned and I went BIG and ate at Bicycle. It was definitely the best meal we have had in a long time! I figured it would be good to have a nice night on the town while I could still walk and so I asked Ned to come up with an idea. He came back to me Friday morning with Bicycle or Black Olive, and so I chose Bicycle! We were both very thankful to have a nice date night to oooh and ahhh over amazing dishes.

Other than Salt, I would have to say that this restaurant is my new favorite in the city! The service was impeccable and the food was to die for, check it all out below…

Ned knew 12 hours before dinner that he was absolutely going to order this dish- the pan fried oyster salad. ‘Seasonal baby greens with a chipotle chile vinaigrette, fried oysters, aioli, hot and sour cucumbers.’ I tried one of the oysters and they are to die for, my first actual entire consumption of one! He could have a thousand of these oysters every day and never be satiated! And what made this salad even better was the spicy dressing- so much flavor! The cucumber accoutrements were also great and added some sweetness.

I got the Sashimi Tuna and Avocado Tartare- ‘premium sushi grade tuna+ avocado dressed with a sweet-spicy balinese crushed peanut dressing. Mache greens+ flying fish roe to garnish.’ I have also never really been a fan of any raw fish and I could not get enough of this dish! The sushi grade was definitely apparent and I ate it like there was no tomorrow. The fatty avocado was a perfect complement to the fresh tuna. And the roe had the perfect texture contrast to the rest of the super smooth components.

Ned recently went to Buffalo and got a braised meat trio special for his entrée at Shango and when he saw this on the menu at Bicycle he instantly went for it! Bicycle’s Meat Trip- ‘Blue Moon braised brisket, Mongolian bbq short ribs, Yuccatan-style pulled pork, Yukon gold mashed potatoes.’ Although he was a definite member of the Clean Plate Club for this dish, I think my entrée was better! The short ribs were his favorite part because they were sweet, had a nice crispy glaze on the exterior and were nice and tender in the middle!

Well this is a horrible picture of my entrée, but all I can say was that the quality of this dish was totally the opposite! I got the mahi-mahi special and it came with fingerling potatoes and a fantastic assortment of fresh vegetables (brocoolini, asparagus, red pepper and carrots). The vegetables were perfectly blanched and sauteed and the potatoes- oh my! I could eat those potatoes for breakfast, lunch and DINNER every day! Perfectly tender and crispy at the same time and they must have been cooked in some awesomely seasoned butter, because they tasted like heaven. The fresh and light mahi mahi was a welcome contrast to the heavier sides and a pesto sauce tied it all together! Gosh I love pesto… I seriously need to learn how to keep a plant alive on my porch so I can have fresh stuff whenever I want!

Lastly, our sweet waitress convinced us to try the banana bread pudding, even full well knowing that I have an aversion to wet cake concoctions! They drizzled it with a delicious strawberry sauce and topped it with a fresh scoop of caramel ice cream. Well yep, bananas taste a little weird to me in dessert, but that didn’t stop me from chowing down on my half of the dish! This bread pudding was not too soggy actually so my full aversion didn’t really have a chance to kick in. Definitely a tasty tasty dish.

Oh look! It’s gone!

Bicycle is a cozy bistro but also has the modern industrial feel to it too. They were definitely creative in designing the space and are über creative with their dishes. It is so refreshing to see a chef who puts so much thought into his food (reminds us of Alinea and we know how awesome that was!) And they have a $18 wine bottle list which we took full advantage of, got a nice white rioja. I cannot wait to go back here realllllllly soon.

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  1. mmm, i’ve always wanted to eat there! looks fun, can’t wait to see you and talk food.

  2. That entire meal – from start to finish – looked so beautiful. Almost too good to eat! Lucky girl!

  3. We were there recently and got some of the same dishes as you guys, namely the tuna and the meat trio. I don’t even really like tuna tartare (I often find it to be bland) but found this one to be amazing! As for the meat trio, I agree with you – the shortribs were the best thing on the plate, absolutely scrumptious!

  4. OMG, Robby and I went wensday night and had almost the same meal as you. Great stuff hun?!

  5. [...] also picked up some fresh basil and that inspired me to recreate my entree from Bicycle.   That night I had mahi-mahi with a pesto and assorted vegetables with fingerling potatoes, [...]

  6. Looks really good! We’re coming to B’more this Saturday for Honfest and an Orioles game. I wish I had seen this review before I made dinner reservations in Little Italy. But now we have an excuse to come back soon!

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