Abbey Burger Bistro

February 25, 2009 at 10:38 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

So this post is a compilation of two visits to Abbey Burger Bistro. The second visit proved more successful than the first because my stomach was not protesting food! Dear sweet Becca went into the bitter cold with me about a month ago to go eat some beef! Well she at some beef and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I could not even keep two bites in before my stomach protested (now this started wayyyy before I got to the restaurant, but I thought I would be okay…).

Anyways, this past Friday night Ned graciously decided to join me in Round 2! This time my stomach did not win the battle, my tastebuds did! We got some awesome Belgian beer on tap and tried two of the house specialties: the gunpowder bison burger and Harry’s bistro burger. Both were quite good, check out our selections below!

Here’s a shot of the nut brown ale that I drank 1/8th of! I love brown ale’s but alas my stomach… the second round I got the Ommegang Hennepin and liked it very much. Check out the checklist- which is so expansive! I so want to eat a burger there one day with white truffle oil, but then you can’t have that with pickles! (which are a usual must for me)… But crab, foie gras? They sure are inventive!

So I decided on the Gunpowder house special which is comprised of gunpowder bison meat (duh!), onion rings, point reyes blue cheese, bib lettuce, tomato and mayo on a bun.  Now I guess the good thing about bison meat is that it is heathier, lower in fat and cholesterol, but on Friday night that translated into less juicy flavor! And I think that is something I look for when I’m having a burger. Next time I’ll go for the Roseda Beef (which proved well at Hamilton Tavern). But the saving grace of this burger was the bleu cheese! Holy Lord I love bleu cheese on a burger! And the onion ring was awesome too.

Ned got the Harry’s bistro burger and this translated to a breakfast burger! Comprised of roseda beef, bacon, a sunny side egg, and lincolnshire cheddar on an english muffin.  He liked it, as he did eat the whole thing, but he mentioned that he wished the egg was a little more runny so it could be more of a “sauce” kind of topping.  Definitely an interesting way to have breakfast or dinner, depending on the way you look at it…

All in all, this place is definitely perfect to catch up with friends and scarf down some delicious pub grub. But I don’t think it was the best burger I have ever had.  But if I’m in Fed Hill in the future, I will most surely stop either here or Pub Dog for delicious feasting!

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  1. Those burgers look to die for!!

  2. Ommegang is a great beer, nice choice!

  3. Sounds like a fun evening! Your burger looks amazing!

  4. Definitely go with the Roseda burger next time. I couldn’t live without my Roseda burger. Are there no fries?

  5. This review is enough for me to set a date with my hubby, a huge fan of belgian beer, and make a visit! Also, Chris Ann and I wanted to personally thank you! Check out our post today!! Couldn’t have done it without you!! Cheers!

  6. Xani and I were just there last night! It’s a standard of ours now, definitely the best burger in Fed Hill, and the beef and bison are locally grown so that is a huge bonus. The fries and sweet potato fries have improved immensely over the past few months. The beef burger is still my favorite, and I build my own! Sooo delicious… Glad you had fun! Try the waffle fry nachos next time – knock your socks off good.

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