On the Unwanted Things Life Throws At You… Like Goldfish

Isn’t it always the things that you want the most that you never get?

And isn’t it always the things you DON’T want that you end up with?

So has it been with me lately. I seem to be stuck in opposite land. Maybe it’s not a good time to publish my first post, maybe I should be talking about what I had for dinner tonight, maybe it’s just starting off to be one of those weeks… but the bottom line is that here I am, taking the things life is throwing at me and trying to roll with the punches. (By the way… if you’re ever in a pinch, beef jerky in broccoli cheddar soup is a lifesaver. There, I got my quota in.)

Andrew: “Mom… I’ve been thinking about Joey’s new pet… he let me hold it while I was at his house and it was the greatest.”

Mom (on alert): “You better not have touched that tarantula of theirs. I specifically said not to.”

Erick: “Don’t worry he didn’t. It was a gecko. It was really cool too.”

Mom (relieved): “Good.”

Andrew (looking at Erick, Erick nodding): “Mooooom?”

Mom (not liking the direction of the conversation): “What?”

Andrew (pleading): “…can… we have… a… crested gecko?”

Me: “You boys have the rest of your oatmeal.”

Erick: “Pleeeease? We really want one!”

Me: “Having a pet is a lot of responsibility. They need someone to keep their cages clean, feed them, know what to do when they’re sick. Last time I walked by your room I couldn’t see the floor. How could you possibly keep the cage bottom clean?”

Boys. Boys boys boys. Next thing I know we’re walking through the doors of the local reptile store. Somehow or another we never got to the I found myself standing behind them ogling at a tank stocked with feeder fish. The rest all happened quickly, with two heavily begging children and the orthodontist appointment in 10 minutes I found the employee netting and bagging a little gold thing, me pulling out a dollar bill absentmindedly and us all driving home in a frenzy while shouts of joy filled the car.

How it happened, I’ll never know.

You may not know this about me, but I’ve always had a soft spot for goldfish. The 75 gallon in our garage had been in the living room, but when we moved we didn’t have time to set it back up in its rightful place by the entertainment center. My dad used to keep exquisite fish, and secretly I’ve longed to pack that tank full to the brim with the exotic breeds from his online goldfish supplier.

Yep, if I had a goldfish it was going to be outstanding. Did I mention that I have an – eherm – overachieving personality? I don’t do run-of-the-mill anything.

Like this…


And this (I’ve always longed for these, by the way)…


Maybe this…


Or did I mention this?


Maybe it’s my Asian heritage (that I don’t have.)

But what did I end up with? A few unwanted… dinky… inch long… 15 cent… FEEDER GOLDFISH.


It indeed appears to be another “mom-gets-suckered-into-another-one-of-these-charity-cases” moment.

They plead their cause so thoroughly my heart must have given in. I heard about how nobody loved them, how they were too crammed in together, how I would want someone to save me if I were a fish, how they were going to a gruesome death. I would have to be the most cold-hearted unfeeling woman in the world to turn a blind eye to their situation.

(Theirs and the 3 billion others just like them… why don’t I think of these arguments until it’s too late?)

So here I am stuck with these sorry specimens. Ahem, I mean Nelson, Charlie and Piglet. (Piglet?! Yes, named for the pinkish tinge to the skin as I have been made aware.)

And I have been made aware of the fact that these fellows are a bit more demanding than you would think, and that a 75 gallon tank may not even be enough, because apparently single-tailed goldfish need lots of space – 40 gallons each to themselves. Next thing you know I’m going to be getting a pond installed in my apartment’s 4 foot square front yard, right?!

WRONG. Way wrong. We’ll see how things go and I’ll keep you posted.

YAY! New Website for 2016

New-site1Hello my honored and well-loved readers :) I thought I’d kick off the new year with a new look for Strawberries in Paris. This go around I want to focus on talking more about learning from the little things in life along the way (which is my New Year’s resolution.) Of course, I also will be trying to offer the best when it comes to culinary recipes to enhance your life and get your dinners whipped into shape! ;) I know there is a growing need for daily ideas and inspiration, and my mission has always been and will continue to be to provide that for you. Don’t panic, I won’t be totally changing gears… just mixing things up a bit.

I’ve had my little blog over at WordPress for a while and decided its time to step things up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is pretty great in and of itself, but you lack quite a bit of control. Also unless you upgrade to their premium plan (which is I think $49 a month?? Don’t quote me on that though) you will get ADDS showing in your content without your permission. Not my idea of what I want to serve up to my oh-so-important viewers. I do need a source of some revenue (blogging isn’t free!), so I wanted to do my adds but off to the side so they don’t distract my readers. Sadly that just wasn’t an option on my old platform. So I actually hired my preferred Denver web design company and they were able to build my site from start to finish in less than 2 weeks. Pretty remarkable turnover if you ask me! The thing that convinced me to go with them was actually the fact that they don’t charge a huge upfront fee (leaving your wallet crying). Instead they break it up into small monthly payments. Yep, I can do that. Just like with my phone bill. (Speaking of phone bills… no, wait, never mind.)

So we tossed some ideas around and I decided to keep my old logo but vamp up the surroundings and go for a more cheery design. Easier social sharing, a sidebar with my social media feeds, and generally a more beautiful look. But of course, the pink had to stay. I think the result is amazing and I am SO EXCITED to be writing my first post here! And most of all, I am excited to be talking to YOU. Do you know how much I appreciate you stopping your day to sit down and read my little blog? It means so much to me. You are all like an extended family to me, and it just means the world to know that you listen to what I have to say and you actually do care.

I almost actually tear up thinking about it. *sniff*

Now I want to hear from you. What suggestions do you have for this blog? Do you want more recipes that are exotic, or just plain and simple ones? Do you have any New Years’ Resolutions? Do you want to start a website that looks amazing? Let’s do this together. Contact me and let me know what you think. I want to bring you stuff that is actually useful and that you LOVE.

Send me an email here. I love reading what you have to say for a change!

And if you have anything you want to contribute, I am considering opening up a weekly guest post for this blog. No, I don’t pay tons, but if you have a recipe you want to share feel free to send me an email and we can figure something out.

In the meantime feel free to follow me on Facebook or Pinterest. I post on there once in a while and if you think about it, feel free to send me a friend request and we can hook up! Or if you are in the area, why not meet? My readers hold a very special place in my heart, and I’d love to see some of you face to face even if I have to drive. We could meet for lunch, brunch… hey, we could all come over to my house and have a feast!

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